January 2018 Guadalupe buddhist church newsletter

Deepest sympathy to the Tsutsumi family on the loss of

Ben Tsutsumi on December 16th, 2017

Amida’s infinite compassion embraces all beings and forsakes none.


Our omigaki participants cleaned the altar ornaments and we are ready for the new year. Thank you to Rev. Nakano, Joan Kitajima, Alice Maxon, Masako Nakano, Kadajea Ribultan, John Rooney, Sumi Schumacher, Sophie Shimizu, Wendy Steller, Alice Utsunomiya.

January Toban is Group 2 – Patsy Hoyos, Sachie Fujiwara, Toshiko Iriyama, Matsue Morishima, Toyoko Shiroma,  Dixie Tomooka, Sets Tomooka, Toshiko Tomooka.  Toban group is to visit the sick and families who have lost a family member during this month. We will do this only if requested.

Guadalupe Buddhist Church

Board Members

Wish you a Fruitful New Year


Thank you for your continued support

Alice Utsunomiya

Leah Kawahara

Gladys Schumacher

Alice Maxon

Sophie Shimizu

Dan Iriyama

David Schneider

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