THANK YOU for the 2017 Obon donations

OBON – Another successful Obon Festival under our belts thanks to so many helpful hands. Namu Amida Butsu.

Other Obon Donations

Four boxes of fortune cookies John and Leslie Hayashi

Five dinner gift certificates/mandarin drinks Atari-ya Restaurant

100 rolls of sushi 100 rolls of norimaki Hamasato Restaurant

Strawberries Henry/Chiyo Okui

Graphic design services (posters) Reflections A Digital Lab (Santa Barbara)

Jacket, shirt, keychain, hat Home Motors

Toy tractor Cal Coast Machinery

Two hats, visor, two shirts, journal, water bottle, Toyota Cup, car care kit

$100.00 Santa Maria Seed

Electric toy car with remote control BMW of Santa Maria

Car care package, beverage set, Honda T-shirt, trash can, first aid kit

Ratchet Tie Down set Brian’s Auto Body

gift certificate for two dinners Guadalupe Restaurant

4 – $25.00 Target gift cards Deane/June Nakata (Moorpark)

Two 15 lbs bags of rice Masatani’s Market

Cooler ($179.00 value) Guadalupe Hardware Company

Beginner’s bonsai tree kit Muranaka Nursery (Nipomo)

Two gift cards ($50.00 each) Niya Restaurant (Orcutt)

10 cases of soda and water Coco Cola Bottling

6 cases of water Trader Joe’s

Two gift cards ($25.00 each) Costco

One gift card ($25.00) Albertson’s

One Hour Massage Virginia Hall

10 cases of water Jordano’s (Santa Barbara)

Fan for the workers Dave Schneider

Table decorations Doug and LaRay Tomooka

Black sesame seeds and poster markers Leah and Taryn Kawahara

Obon posters and postcards, cake mixes, chashu meat Esther Trejo

Food Donations for Friday and Saturday – A big thank you to those of you who brought snacks and dishes.

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