Minister’s July 2016 Message

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Minister’s July 2016 Message 

Each wondrous day is special in sunshine or in rain.

In living we will know pleasure, fulfillment, loss, and pain.

This is the truth of constant change we will live throughout

Our lives. Let us view Amida’s gift to us with loving grateful eyes.

Gatha, “Amida’s Gift” verses 2 and 3

Rev. B. Oshita and Tacoma Buddhist Temple

Guadalupe Buddhist Church’s Obon is right around the corner.  Unfortunately our Hatsubon will be filled with memories of our recently deceased loved ones and friends. We have lost so many friends and church members that it is a difficult time for the families and for us. We have had a long history these people and it feels like a bad dream. Just this year we have had to share our Nembutsu for Iku Dendo, Peter Henmi, Eiko Koyama, Bette Kurokawa, Daiko Maenaga, Sammy Maenaga, Christopher Minami, “Buzz” Mizuki, Dorothy Sakai, George Shinomiya, Jane Shiratsu Tamaki, and Reiko Yasutomi.

The ages of our friends ranged from a young person to 100 years old. However, no matter the years of experience, they will be missed. When we attend the Hatsubon observance, we will recall the happy moments spent with these people, our adventures and journeys experienced, and the good times together. We have had the privilege of knowing and having them in our lives.

This Hatsubon we will again share our Namu Amida Butsu with a heavy heart, yet we can be assured that these people have left many teachings for us to follow. They made an impression on us and our memories will be of joy and happiness. Yes, there will be tears and grief but as a Sangha we can lend our support and strength to them.

Following our Hatsubon observance, we will have our Obon. As we dance, we dance in memory of these people. It is a laborious day and exhausting time yet, these friends and loved ones would be out there with us. They have not left us but have gone to the Other Shore and they are still working by our side. We will dance in gratitude and thankfulness for what they taught and what they meant to us.

Obon dancing is a way to connect with those who have passed away during the year as years gone by. We do not worry about how we dance or what we look like but we remember our friends and we dance with joy. We dance in honoring and paying our respects to them without ego getting in the way. Dancing brings us together as One with our loved ones and friends.

Dancing is also for the many generations who have given so much time and patience. Their teachings have flowed down to the younger ones who continue to work for the continuation of the church and the teachings. These people now teach others. We have so much to be thankful for and we put our hands together in Gassho. We share our Nembutsu with tears of joy and sadness but also with thankfulness for the continuation of the Buddha’s and Shinran Shonin’s teaching.

As we dance and have fun, let us also think that we have not succeeded on our own. We have had ancestors who entrusted in the teachings and chose to enhance their families through the teachings. We continue listening and hearing and deepening our search for truth about our true selves. Hopefully, we can find answers some day. In the meantime, it is our Namu Amida Butsu that leads us to options, guidance, and direction.

We hope to see you at the Hatsubon observance and at GuadBC’s Obon. We also wish you a safe and Happy 4th of July!

Gassho, Rev. Seijo Naomi Nakano

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