May 2023 Monthly Newsletter

May 2023
Friday, May 5 Preparation for Yard Sale, 9:00 AM
Saturday, May 6 Yard Sale at church, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Sunday, May 7 Sunday Service, 10:00 AM. Meeting following service
Monday, May 15 Target start date for roof Replacement (expect to last 6 weeks)
Sunday, May 21 Gotan-e Service, 10:00 AM. Otoki follows.
Saturday, May 27 Dungeons & Dragons, 1:00
Sunday, May 28 Cemetery Visitation:
8:30 AM – Los Osos
9:45 AM – San Luis Obispo
11:00 AM – Arroyo Grande
12:30 PM – Guadalupe
1:45 PM – Santa Maria



Thank you to the following people and families for their generous donations and continued support:
Dennis Furukawa, In Memory of Tets Furukawa
Joyce Dendo, Sunday Service
Joan Henretta, Sunday Service
Lee/Frances Humphrey, Sunday Service
Keith Lyon, Sunday Service
Hugh Maenaga, Sunday Service
Alice Maxon, Sunday Service
Tomiko Miyamoto, Sunday Service
Ann Matsuoka In Memory of Tets Furukawa
Ryan Shiroma, In Memory of Yoshiko Shiroma
Susan Jang, Minami Family Memorial
Donald/Linda Honda, In Memory of Tetsuo
Alice Maxon, In Memory of Yoshiko Shiroma,
Dean Taniguchi, Tets Furukawa
Betty Furukawa, In Memory of Tets Furukawa
Anonymous, Special
Joyce Dendo, Hanamatsuri
Joyce Dendo, In Memory of Aiko Dendo
Jim/Yoko Furuya, In Memory of Mitsuo Taniguchi
Holly Hope, Hanamatsuri
Lee/Frances Humphrey, Hanamatsusri
Dan Iriyama, 1st Year Memorial of Ronald Iriyama

Keith Lyon, Hanamatsuri
Margaret Megallon, In Memory of Taro Kawa
Hugh Maenaga, Hanamatsuri
Dena Massoudi, Hanamatsuri
Alice Maxon, Hanamatsuri
Wataru Minami, Hanamatsuri
Tomiko Miyammoto, Hanamatsuri
Yoshie Oyabu, Hanamatsuri
Jim Risinger, Special
Sumi Schumacher, Hanamatsuri
Sets Tomooka, Hanamatsuri
Esther Trejo, In Memory Kisei Azama
Seiko Waki, Hanamatsuri
Toshiko Tomooka, Special
Gladys Kitagawa, In Memory of Fusaye and Bob Kitagawa
Alice Utsunomiya, Special
Gabe/Patsy Hoyos, In Memory of Hideo Miyake
Gabe/Patsy Hoyos, Shotsuki (Apr)
Gabe/Patsy Hoyos, In Memory of Tets Furukawa
2022 Dues: Joe/Alice Tomooka. 2023 Dues:
Susan Jang, Sets Tomooka.

Correction to April newsletter: Remove the first Wataru Minami’s In Memory of Tets Furukawa. aym
Correction to April newsletter: Aido Dendo should be Aiko Dendo. aym


We are looking for help to provide social
entertainment for the sangha. We would like to
provide movie nights, game nights or other
activities which interest the sangha. Activities
geared for young ones and/or older ones.
Please let us know what interests you and your
family, get involved, have fun. Let us know!


Yard Sale

We are having a yard sale at the Guadalupe
Church Saturday May 6 starting 8 AM and
running to 1 PM. We are asking the helpers to
meet at the church at 6AM to put all the
donated items out for display.
Additionally we are asking volunteers to help
prepare and price items on Friday May 5 at


Items for Yard Sale and for the Obon White Elephant Sale: We are still welcoming donations! Please make
arrangements to drop off at the church. Call Alice Maxon 805-714-6410 and she’ll meet you there.
Thank you.


If you are due a receipt from donations or membership please stop by the office, if unavailable to pick up the
receipts, please call the office so we can arrange to get it delivered.



The spring storms caused damage to the
church roof. The combination of age, the wind
and rain opened up several leaks in the roof
and due to the age/overall condition of the roof,
it needs to be replaced. We are seeing water
damage to the ceiling tiles in the dining hall as
well as the main Hondo area. There is
rotting/damaged wood in multiple areas of the
office building, main building and the front
Demolition and replacing the roofs for the 3
buildings starts the 2nd week of May (15th)
and is expected to last up to 6 weeks. There
may be inconveniences during this period, we
will do our best to minimize the impact and be
aware services will continue all through the
construction activities.
Please do not plan to park next to the building
during this period, please use the parking lot
on the other side of the street.


April Notes:


We celebrated Hanamatsuri on Sunday, April
16 with this beautiful garden for the baby to
receive his Sweet tea rain.
The garden was decorated by:
Joyce Dendo, Angel Roman, Lata Murti, Ivy
Murti, Juan Martinez, Sandra Sarrouf, Rhea
Sarrouf, Sumi Schumacher. On the Saturday
before with flowers donated by:
Joyce Dendo, Joan Henretta, Bettyann
Kurokawa, Alice Maxon, Dena Massoudi, Lata
Murti, Masako Nakano, Yoshie Oyabu, Esther

Hanamatsuri Feast

After the Hanamatsuri service we sat down to a
very tasty feast.

It was a wonderful assortment of dishes, all
delicious and I know I left the meal full and
Thank you to the Otoki volunteers:
Joyce Dendo, Joan Henretta, Frances
Humphrey, Alice Maxon, Rev Naomi Nakano,
Angel Roman, Hadrian Roman, Tomiko
Miyamoto, Sumi Schumacher, Esther Trejo.
And a special thanks to Yoshi Kuno at
Hamasato Restaurant for donating the sashimi
for our Hanamatruri Otoki!


Dungeons and Dragons
We also had our first Dungeons and Dragons
Game on Saturday April 22 with 10 players
spending the afternoon developing their
characters with Dungeon Master David
Cochran in anticipation for their next quest in


Rev. Nakano’s Message

One moment can change a day,
One day can change a life and
One life can change the world.
~Words of the Buddha

Amidst all the chaos in the world, nature continues to flourish. We are in what some people call “super
bloom”. It seems everything is blossoming all at once because of the much needed rain we got. We sniffle,
sneeze or deal with the itchy eyes, yet what a beautiful time it is. The flowers are blooming and the trees are
full with new leaves.
Yet, there are so many unnecessary killings and wars that it is difficult to keep track of the events of the day.
Unfortunately there are people in society who do not think before taking responsibility for their actions or some
may have a mental disorder, who only think they have no alternative. Whatever the reason, it is a disheartening
action of others.
However the worst of all these happenings are shootings by elementary school children. We can only guess
where they get these ideas and how they get the weapons to commit such heinous crimes. They are so young;
it is supposed to be a time of playing with friends, learning a team sport, riding bikes or just being a kid. Are
they learning this behavior from watching too much violence on television or playing those violent video games
without adult supervision?
I wonder if the children are listening to adult conversations and without really understanding what is being
said, they go into “action mode”. They truly do not understand what it means about consequences, until it
happens. It is so sad because even then they do not understand what consequences mean.
I ask, what are we doing to teach our children, grandchildren and maybe even great grandchildren to
understand what is proper or improper actions? Are we so involved with our own issues that we stop paying
attention to our children’s safety and teaching? Perhaps we can start to teach the Buddha dharma in words
they can understand.
A simple lesson or teaching is The Golden Chain or even a simple explanation of the Six Paramita. This
could be a time we can spend with the young ones. We can start talking with our young ones, letting them
question and helping to guide them. We can start by asking them questions about Nembutsu/Namu Amida
Butsu. We do not have to give them an academic explanation, but simple and the best explanation we can.
As adults, we tend to be “afraid” to answer our children’s question of Buddhism. But we have to start
somewhere and the beginning comes from our own understanding, even if we have a difficult time. We can
simply start with thankfulness, gratitude and appreciation for all that is shared and given. It is compassion and
wisdom at all times, even when we make mistakes. Nembutsu can be a breath of fresh air that clears our
thoughts, so that we can begin to understand our actions. Our Namu Amida Butsu is silence that calms our
racing minds. It is many things, but always with thankfulness, gratitude and appreciation.
We should never be afraid to explain Namu Amida Butsu, for there are no misunderstandings in our
We want to see children grow into responsible adults and that begins with us. We are parents,
grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and teachers, who our children look to for understanding and guidance.
We, as teachers, learn from the Buddha’s teaching. We continue to hear the teaching for guidance and
direction, so that we can share our learning with our children and with others.
Rev. Seijo Naomi Nakano





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