Church Beautification

Our beloved church was hit with tagging a couple of weeks ago. Guadalupe Police have filed a report with the District Attorney’s office and are going to be watching our church to prevent more incidents like this.

Sgt Carlos Limon from Guadalupe Police Department offered to help us by seeking a paint donation, so that we can clean up. We put out a call to all that can assist on doing a little painting after church service on June 4.  We did it together, and it did not take too long and it was a great to get the church looking better as we get ready for Obon season!
Thank you to Alice Utsunomiya, Alice Maxon, Sumi Schumacher, Patsy Hoyos, Hugh Maenaga, Dave Schneider, Joan Kitajima and Valerie Shiroma for volunteering to paint the church! We had the paint donated by the kind help of Sgt Carlos Limon from Guadalupe PD, who also came back and pressure washed the brick walls to remove the graffiti.
It was a great day with great results. The work crew all shared a meal at Guadalupe Restaurant afterward. What a wonderful community, thank you so very much!!!

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