Behind the scenes of the Obon Festival

The Guadalupe Buddhist Festival is put together strickly by volunteers. Every year, the gracious church congregation teams up to put together the annual festival. Keith Shiroma one of the festival volunteers, sent over these photos to give us a sneek peek into how the festival is put together. Every year as the festival grows in attendance, we need your help. So, please don’t hesitate to contact us and lend a helping hand. We love making new friends and welcome your smiling face. Please use our contact page.


Some of our gracious Guadalupe Buddhist Church volunteers cooking up some yummy udon and tea.



Volunteers working the assembly to prepare the Teryaki Chicken dinners.



Tables in the assembly are set and ready to welcome the hundreds of people who attend the annual Guadalupe Buddhist temple Obon Festival.



The grand entrance to the Santa Maria Veterans Hall. When you walk in you are greet by some of the volunteers for the Obon festival. That’s where you can purchaset he raffle tickets.



Volunteers ready for the hundreds of children and thier parents to learn about Japanese Arts & Crafts. Face Painting, Origami and so much more.



The Guadalupe Buddhist Temple voleunteers work for days to put togetehr thousands of hand rolled fresh sushi. YUMMY!



Mel Rodriguez took this shot of the Yummy Sukiyaki while cooking on the grill. 



Happy Guadalupe Buddhist Church volunteers cooking up a storm to accoumundate the Santa Maria families who came to enjoy the festival. We love our volunteers!


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