2018 Obon Festival Highlights

The Guadalupe Buddhist Church Obon Committee would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all the wonderful volunteers that helped make this event possible.  The temple sangha is small, but it’s heart is large, which was evidenced by the amount of people who came to participate and enjoy.
Special thanks for their multi-day efforts to members of the San Luis Obispo Buddhist Church, Rising Sun Martial Arts and the California Conservation Corps, as well as our very own Guadalupe Buddhist Church members, family and friends.  And the Obon Festival Committee is very grateful for the immense contributions provided by BBQ 4 All, led by the energetic and enthusiastic Robert Bonilla–we could not have done this without you, thank you!
This annual reunion in support of our Obon Festival is always one of the highlights to our event.  Thank you again, and we will see you next year!

WINNERS – OBON RAFFLE 2018:   1,500.00 Peggy Henmi, Burbank

500.00 John Roffoni

300.00 Dean Taniguchi, Santa Maria

100.00 John Roffoni

100.00 Mah Mah

100.00 Lorene Saruwatari, Arroyo Grande

100.00 Rosa Padilla, Buellton

100.00 John Montano, Santa Maria

100.00 Gary Kobara

100.00 Dana Sylvester

Obon Dance Practice Donations – Thank you to all the persons for refreshment contributions this year. Special thanks to Mrs. Toshiko Tomooka, $50.00.

Other Obon Donations

Five boxes of fortune cookies John and Leslie Hayashi

Five $20.00 dinner gift certificates/mandarin drinks Atari-ya Restaurant

Four $50.00 gift certificate Niya Restaurant

100 rolls of sushi100 rolls of MakisushiHamasato Restaurant

Strawberries Charles/Joanie Okui

Swag Bag Home Motors

Swag Bag Cal Coast Machinery

Swag Bag Toyota

$100.00 donation Santa Maria Seed

Electric Toy BMW car BMW of Santa Maria

Swag Bag Honda

Two 15 lbs bags of rice Masatani’s

22 Quart Cooler Guadalupe Hardware

Beginner’s bonsai tree kit Muranaka Bonsai Nursery

20 cases of water Chumash

BBQ the chicken, oakwood BBQ 4 All

Free Massage Virginia Hall

Use of Refrigerated Truck Spencer’s Fresh Market

Participation and support Rising Sun Martial Arts

Posters and Cards Reflections A Digital Lab

Participation and supportCentral Coast Kenpo Karate

Contribution Maria Martino

Monetary support and refreshments for dance practice Toshiko Tomooka

Items for the White Elephant Sale Felicity Lazo

Curry, cake Rev Nakano

Watermelon Donna Sato

Chashu Alice Utsunomiya

Tsukemono Frances Card

Two trays tamale pie Masako Nakano

Cookies Kim Masatani

Plums Betty Ann Kurokawa

Tri-tip and salads Carmen Lira

Beans, wood Krystin Shiroma

Chicken Lucy Gonzales

Shrimp Cocktail LaRay Tomooka

Pasta Joyce Dendo

Cobbler Dian Grose

Two Curries Patsy Hoyos

Tuna Sandwich Tomi Miyamoto

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