2017 – Happy Hanamatsuri

Happy 2017 Hanamatsuri (Floral Festival) from the Guadalupe Buddhist Church.

Did you know that the Guadalupe Buddhist Church celebrates┬áHama-matsuri annually. If you’re interested in the Buddhist religion and it’s practices. We encourage you to join us. Meet our congregation and make new friends.

Hanamatsuri refers to the memorial service performed at temples throughout Japan to celebrate the birth of Buddha on April 8th. It is formally called Kanbutsue. On this day, small buildings decorated with flowers are made at temples and a tanjobustu (baby Buddha figurine) is placed inside. This figurine is sprinkled by worshippers using a ladle with ama-cha, which is a beverage made by soaking tealeaves in hot water Some people take this ama-cha home and drink it as holy water.

The Hanamido was decorated by church members


Big Thank you to Ms. Wendy Steller for the beautiful florals. Her smile and floral arrangements brightened our day.


A big luncheon prepared for everyone. Thanks to all the volunteers who put thier hearts and souls into the meals today. It was fun for all of to get together and catch up. But, we are most excited about the coming months and how the 2017 Obon Festival will all come together.

Masako Nakano, Sumi Schumacher, Esther Trejo, Alice Utsunomiya

Hugh Maenaga, Roy Minami, Matthew Carroll

Kim Carroll and her mom Alice Utsunomiya volunteer for Hanamatsuri at the Guadalupe Buddhist temple

Rev. Seijo Naomi Nakano ringing the temple bell at the Guadalupe Buddhist temple

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