Calendar & News

January 2023

SU – 1 New Year Service, 9:00 AM 

SU – 15 Shotsuki, 10:00 AM. Annual General Members Meeting, Otoki follows.

Happy New Year! Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu. Namu Amida Butsu, in appreciation for your continued good health and well being.  

We appreciate your support of the church and programs we offered during 2022 (mochi making and yard sales, otoki, and church clean up). Your continued membership and participation with the Guadalupe Buddhist Church will guide us through 2023. Thank you.

On December 3rd, we had our annual Omigaki and cleaning of the church. The following individuals came to help: Rev. Nakano, Joyce Dendo, Joan Henretta, Frances Humphrey, Lee Humphrey, Keith Lyon, Alice Maxon, Jim Risinger, Angel Roman, Hadrian Roman, Gladys Schumacher, Alice Utsunomiya, and Seiko Waki. Special thanks to Lee Humphrey who replaced all the lights on the altar. 

Mochitsuki time bought out a few good workers: Rev. Nakano, Joan Henretta, Lee Humphrey, Frances Humphrey, Keith Lyon, Lata and family, Sumi Schumacher, Esther Trejo, Lucy, Alice Utsunomiya, Seiko Waki. 

January Toban is Group 2 – Joan Henretta, Sachie Fujiwara, Peggy Magallon, Dixie Tomooka, Sets Tpmooka, Toshiko Tomooka.  Toban group is to visit the sick and families who have lost a family member during this month. We will do this only if requested.